Wallpaper: Colour Wood

The wallpaper I’ve been using on a couple of computers for the past couple of months is “Darker Wood” by PaulEnsane. It’s a very soothing, neutral and natural wallpaper.

While I’ve been happily using it, I wanted something with a bit more colour, but still with the natural wood. I stumbled across this colourful wallpaper, which turned out to be “Catch the Beat” by StaredownStudios, and wanted to combine the colours with the wood.

This is what I came up with:








On some computers I prefer the colours to be at the top rather than the bottom. So I made a flipped version. I think i prefer it to the original in some ways.


Flipped version: 1600×1200

Flipped version: 1280×1024

Flipped version: 1280×800

Flipped version: 1920×1200

Any other size requests?

Update 2

Following a request from LOSTman, I’ve done a few iPhone versions of the wallpaper.


1. Colour Wood iPhone

2. Colour Wood iPhone – flipped

3. Colour Wood iPhone – alternative

35 thoughts on “Wallpaper: Colour Wood”

  1. Hey Luke,
    I am trying to achieve this look but with different colors but am unable to fine a tutorial. Could you tell me how to do it? I would greatly appreciate it!

  2. Hi Luke! What a wonderfull wallpaper :) I’m a graphic designer from the Netherlands and I would love to use this wallpaper as a background for my new website. Would that be okay with you?

  3. Looks wonderful.
    If it is ok for you we would like to get in on the titlepage of our next manual (OpenPPL – open source poker programming language)

  4. Hey Artist, I loved your work. I would like to use this image for a game that I am building for Windows Phone… Do you mind? I will make sure your name is mentioned! After all, its the least I can do!

    1. Sure, that’s no problem. What’s the game you’re making? I’d be interested to see it when you’re done.

  5. Hello Luke Roberts
    I am currently developing an app for iPhone and love the look of the rainbow wood. Would you mind if I tried using it in the app?

  6. Hello, I currently have this image (the rainbow on wood one) as a background image for my website. I just discovered that you were teh creator (I’ve had it saved for years and its one of my faves) and was wondering if it was okay to continue using it as a background?

    I have credited you as the creator/owner, but fully understand if you prefer me not to use it.


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